Scholarship Program

For more than 60 years, the Camden Rotary Club Scholarship Program has supported educational scholarships for deserving local students who plan to study for an accredited college degree or certification-oriented post-high school education.
Scholarships for high school graduates help defray educational costs during each recipient’s first semester at a college or university. Applications are due April 30, and award winners are notified in early June. Detailed information, including requirements and application forms, is available on the club’s website or from local school counseling offices.

The club also offers scholarships to people of all ages pursuing career technical education. This quarterly funding is available to residents of Appleton, Camden, Hope, Lincolnville, and Rockport seeking short-term job skills training, certificate programs and associate degrees to prepare for skilled jobs. The application is available here, through the local high schools, and the Mid-coast School of Technology.

The amount of available scholarship funding is determined annually. Members of the Rotary Scholarship Committee use a rigorous, equitable process to review applications for both types of scholarship.

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